About us

Castillo is born out of pure passion for leather. We pride ourselves as a unique brand focused on creating a wider appreciation for a God made material which humans have been unsuccessful in replicating for centuries. This passion is translated through the way we use this precious material to craft leather shoes, car upholstery, sofa upholstery, leather garments, leather bags, belts, wallets, key chains, card holders, lamps, center tables and anything that one can imagine with leather as a core structural unit. Isn’t it amazing that almost every household in Pakistan will have some leather goods but even then leather is not an off the shelf item. This market behavior limits customer choices for textures and colors, consequently forcing them to settle for choices made for them by manufacturers of leather goods. Castillo is empowering leather lovers to make their own fashion decisions and create with us leather goods that they can cherish for decades.


Castillo is committed to give you perfection and contentment. Guided by a strong set of values, we set out to build a "distinctive" kind of modern product, one founded on compassion, a brand that portrays individuality.